Friday, 31 May 2013


Great people, great cars, great event; the fourth anniversary of OCCC was a success on 19th May 2013. A bunch of 46 finely restored classic cars from all over Miri and Brunei gathered to rock the city, which those are from Oiltown Classic Car Club and Brunei Retrocar.

The group first gathered at Kampung Sukan Petronas Miri, ten cars from Brunei while the rest from Miri comprised finely restored cars manufactured from 1960 to 1980 such as Toyota 1000, Celica, Corolla, Crown, Land Cruiser BJ40, Datsun Sunny, Fairlady 260Z, Honda Accord, Mazda RX-7, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi Galant, Lancer, Suzuki Alto, Jeep, and Volkswagen Beetle. In such a crowd, the committee was impressed to see the number of participants.

Next, the group migrated to a breathtaking scenery location at Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency’s ex-office, in the heart of main city. As the sun started to set down, the group drove down to Luak Esplanade to enjoy fresh breeze and sunset. The weather in Luak Esplanade over the weekend was picture perfect, with temperatures around 30 degrees C and beautiful sunny skies. In other words, the kind of stuff that makes people from all around Sarawak envy Miri.

The committee was very excited to see the overwhelming response to the Mayday 2013. It was such a great honor to gather all classic car owners from all over city and neighboring region. As the club motto itself says “If You Build, They Will Come”; keeps inspiring the enthusiasts on car restoration, considering these cars are much older than their owners. For those who want to know more about them, please find them on Facebook; Oiltown Classic Car Club.

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