Saturday, 20 October 2012


Let’s call it your lucky day when you found a platform that is only in handful units in the land of Headhunters. On the other side, I had my precious time in West Malaysia counting few units finely-restored Gemini. Hopefully they were not dumped at scrapyard due to parts limitation few decades ago in Borneo. A message to the owner, please bring back this old chap in action!


Friday, 19 October 2012


An unplanned trip had brought me to this beauty during my study life in Selangor, which was nicely parked in front of the faculty. To be specific, it is 1967 BMC Moke Convertible. From my observation, this 50-year-old body shell was still great and no major rust can be found. A very ideal platform for weekend leisure; drive straight to nearby beach with your Rayban on, roll down the top and enjoy evening breeze.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Photo courtesy of Classic Celica.

I am eager to share this superb condition chassis of Corolla KE25, owned by a lucky guy Lee who just bought it from a very good friend in Sibu. Not even a single layer of putty can be found, which it can go bare metal and yet still in a perfect shape.


Every time you spotted a classic Toyota bearing Sabahan registration number, you can make a quick guess that it is no more powered by a factory-stock engine. Last Friday had proved my sixth-sense when I saw this Toyota Corona RT80 sitting on nice pair of retro wheels, bigger exhausts and what is more attracting, it’s got an ‘’ (currently known as decal. A few minutes of waiting had brought me to the owner, who is a nice guy from Sandakan and dumped in a Toyota A-series Twincam engine for his RT80. Glad to meet you bro, keep up the oldskool spirit!


One bright day had brought me to this ultimate second-generation Sunny in Datsun family, which is specifically called Datsun Sunny KB210. The liftback form is really eye-catcher, in which also aids the aerodynamics of this chassis for the sake of speed. One cannot deny that it is one of awesome engineering creation in late 70’s, and you won’t get bored watching it all day long. For your information, the KB210 can only be found in handful units in Malaysia, and this is the only one in Oil Town, Miri. Do not ask me whether the owner intended to sell this beauty or not, because I strongly believe that you can only buy it in your dream.